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Zoo, also known by its file name ZOO.MAP, is one of three demo maps included with Duke Nukem 3D. Along with Sector Effector and Sector Tag, this map was intended to demonstrate the technical capacities of the updated map editor.

Unlike the other two demo maps, Zoo exhibits the design consistency of a fully completed level. The map is particularly notable for featuring all the weapons, items, and enemies in the game. It also contains a Nuke Button, so it can be played and finished by the player.


It could be considered that Zoo is a full level just like the other levels from the main game. The only other official stand-alone user map to have such level consistency was Penthouse Paradise, but Penthouse Paradise also has a plotline on its own and features secrets, while Zoo doesn't.

There is a left-over Space Suit along with the rest of the items and weapons at the beginning of the map and all the enemies and bosses of the game are trapped inside of cages nearby. The player can fight all the enemies, some of them of their choice, otr just go to the exit button.

Trying to leave the level once will reload the level, although, if the player presses it for a second time, the game will try to load a next level and fall on the "Void Zone" glitch that closes the game.


  • It can be easily noted that the Overlord, differently from the Battlelord, can step on water surfaces, and subsequently submerge. This differs from the Cycloid Emperor, which can only step in sectors with a specific tag (which is used so that it will not leave the main area of the Stadium level).
  • The level was updated in the Atomic Edition, as the Protector Drone and Alien Queen are placed in an area very different from the rest of enemies. This is not the case with the Pig Cop Tank, which is placed normally.
  • The Alien Queen is placed outside water. This was the first time the player was able to fight the Alien Queen on dry ground.
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