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x0r_jmp is an anonymous network of 4chan users responsible for leaking numerous prototypes from the Duke Nukem franchise.


Duke Nukem

To date, leaks related to the Duke Nukem franchise include:

Other leaks

Currently, x0r_jmp's other leaks include:

  • Blood Prototype (July 1996 source code)
  • Hotline Miami 2 E3 2013 (two 2013 builds that could be possibly modified[1])
  • Installation 01 (2017 abandoned Halo fan game)
  • Ravanger/Alien Rampage (1995 Build)


The group maintains an official page with information about how to verify membership in their group, a list of defucnt leaks, and contact information: https://rentry.org/x0r_jmp. As of August 19, 2023, x0r_jmp's platform for leaking prototypes, Anonfiles, has shut down[2]. x0r_jmp is currently working on finding sites to mirror their leaks, and has a list of SHA-256 hashes to verify future reposts.


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