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Wolf Pack is a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition. It was created by Gabriel Crown (a.k.a. Wolf) and was initially released as version 1.0 on September 7th, 1997. An updated version, version 1.3, was released on January 4th, 1998. Both versions contain eight new levels and new music; version 1.3 includes new graphics, a new weapon (the Assault Rifle) with new sound effects, a .GRP file (WOLF13.GRP), and bug fixes.

To play the original version of the mod (version 1.0) with a source port, such as EDuke32, copy and paste the mod's folder into the source port's folder, then run the source port's main .exe.

To play the updated version of the mod (version 1.3) with EDuke32, you must do one of the following methods:

Method 1. Double click on the "WOLF" application (it is a .bat file), then left click and drag the "WGAME.CON" file into the source port's main .exe; put the custom game content directory settings on the "wolfpk13" setting.

Method 2.

1. After unzipping the mod's folder (wolfpk13), right click on the the "WOLF" application (it is a .bat file), then choose edit. You will see this text appear:

duke3d /xwgame.con /gwolf13.grp

Edit the text so that it displays:

eduke32.exe /xwgame.con /gwolf13.grp

This will allow it to access EDuke32.exe. Save the modified WOLF.bat file after editing it.

2. Copy and paste the unzipped wolfpk13 folder into your EDuke32 folder, then copy and paste all of the mod's files from inside of the wolfpk13 folder into your EDuke32 folder.

3. Run WOLF.bat from inside your EDuke32 folder with the custom game content directory settings on the "wolfpk13" option.

Both methods will allow the mod to work with EDuke32 and function in the same manner, though the latter allows the user to play the mod without having to drag the "WGAME.CON" file into EDuke32.exe each time.



Wolf Pack has eight levels (six single player levels and two DukeMatch levels).

Episode 1: Wolf-Pack 1.3 (titled Wolf-Pack 1.0 in the original version)[]

  • Assault on EDF
  • Secret Area51
  • Prison
  • Starport
  • Starship 101
  • Round and Round We Go (secret, accessible from Prison)
  • Water Caves (DukeMatch multiplayer level)
  • Air Vents (DukeMatch multiplayer level)