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WizardWorks is a defunct video game company developer and publisher previously located in Minneapolis, MN. Focused on casual consumer games, WizardWorks was best known for publishing the Deer Hunter series of video games developed by Sunstorm Interactive. It has published various games, as well as unofficial fan-made level compilations for Doom, Doom II, Heretic, Hexen, Quake, Warcraft II, and a series of licensed and authorized add-ons and expansion packs for Duke Nukem 3D and others.

In 1996, WizardWorks was acquired by GT Interactive Software, and was eventually combined with other GT Interactive holdings in Minneapolis to form GT Interactive's Value Products Division. WizardWorks continued as label through a subsequent corporate acquisition by Infogrames which later became Atari.

In 2004, Atari closed the Minneapolis office, folding outstanding projects into the Beverly, MA office.

Authorized Releases

It has released most of the authorized Dukem Nukem 3D expansions:

As well as the compilations:

Should be noted, Duke It's Zero Hour is rumored to be an once authorized add-on released unofficially for free, but there is no confirmation of this by a credible source. According to the rumor, WizardWorks was going to publish it.


WizardWorks has often been criticized for creating products of questionable quality. They have also been accused of violating the Doom EULA by selling Doom modifications without id Software's permission.