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Wing'ed Death

The Wing'd Death is the second boss in Duke Nukem: Time to Kill, encountered at the end of the Medieval Era.

Game manual description[]

"With a massive wingspan and fiery breath, this ancient creature was the perfect choice for crushing all that would oppose alien domination in the medieval era."


Winged Death art

The Wing'd Death is a large green dragon and is among the few enemies that doesn't seem to have alien origins. In combat, it will always be airborne. Its main and only attack is rapidly breathing fire balls at Duke; it can do this both when it's stationary and when it's on the move. As these fire balls are projectiles, the player will be able to see them coming which is particularly helpful, as the player will need to strafe quite a lot on open ground. The battlefield features four towers the player can climb up for ammo and there's also pools of water which the player can use to take cover. The boss will actually hover above any of the pools waiting for the submerged player, which will leave him vulnerable to any weapon that works underwater till he flies away. Naturally, when the player uses this underwater tactic, they need to make sure they don't drown. The RPG is a good weapon of choice when the boss is stationary or coming towards the player as the boss is a particularly big target.