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Weapons & Ammo Types in Duke Nukem 64

The weapons in Duke Nukem 64 are different from those found in the original Duke Nukem 3D. Some weapons have been replaced with new ones, and three weapons now support multiple ammo types. All the weapons have been graphically redrawn.

Mighty Foot

  • Capacity: N/A

Duke's "Mighty Foot" can be used to kick enemies, dealing mild damage. The Mighty Foot can kick enemies indefinitely and at a constant rate, as it requires no ammo or stamina.

Gun 1


The Pistol has been redrawn to resemble a Colt M1911.

Gun 2


  • Capacity: 50 rounds

The Shotgun has been redrawn to resemble a Franchi SPAS-12.

Gun 3-0

SMGs (Sub-Machine Guns)

  • Capacity: 400 rounds

The SMGs resemble two mini-SMGs with dual magazines, possibly based on MP5Ks. They are very inaccurate at long ranges; their hitscan is not aligned with the player, resulting in large horizontal offsets at greater distances.

Gun 4

Grenade Launcher

  • Capacity: 48 grenades

The Grenade Launcher fires grenades that explode after a three-second delay. The grenades bounce and roll during those three seconds, allowing for stealth-attacks on enemies around corners. However, the grenades automatically explode upon contact with enemies and with certain destructible objects, such as cracks in walls. The launcher itself resembles the Hawk MM-1 Grenade Launcher.

Gun 5

Pipe Bombs

  • Capacity: 50 pipe bombs

The Pipe Bombs are now emblazoned with the Duke Nukem logo.

Gun 6


Although the Shrinker was supposed to be an experimental weapon designed by the government in Duke Nukem 3D, game lore in the Duke Nukem 64 game manual states that the Shrinker is supposed to be an advanced alien weapon.

Gun 7a


Although the Expander was supposed to be an experimental weapon designed by the government in Duke Nukem 3D, game lore in the Duke Nukem 64 game manual states that the Expander is supposed to be an advanced alien weapon. In contrast with the PC version of the game, there are now specially dedicated Expander sprites strewn throughout the levels. However, the Expander may still be used once the Shrinker has been acquired and vice-versa.

Gun 7b

Missile Launcher

  • Capacity: 50 missiles

The Missile Launcher is similar to the RPG from Duke Nukem 3D. However, it only fires at a rate of approximately one rocket per second, which is markedly slower than the RPG.

Gun 8

Laser Tripbomb

  • Capacity: 10 tripbombs

The red laser beams emitted by Laser Tripbombs now sparkle, making them more conspicuous than in Duke Nukem 3D.

Gun 9

Plasma Cannon

  • Capacity: 99 energy units

The Plasma Cannon fires plasma projectiles that deal moderate-to-high damage, depending on how long the cannon is charged before firing. It costs 33 energy units when fully charged and 1 energy unit when uncharged.

Whether charged or not, all plasma projectiles explode upon impact. The resulting blue explosions are similar to other explosions in the game and can even blast through cracks in walls. Fully charged projectiles have a blast radius that is several times larger than typical explosions. Any enemy killed by plasma explosions will visibly disintegrate.

Without charging the cannon, the projectiles deal roughly 25 damage, short of the Assault Trooper's 30 hit points. When fully charged, the projectiles deal approximately 900 damage, short of the Battlelord Sentry's 1000 hit points. Although it does not deal the most damage per second, the Plasma Cannon deals vastly more damage shot-for-shot than any other weapon in the game.

Gun 10

Secondary ammo types

Three weapons now support multiple ammo types, a feature that didn't exist in Duke Nukem 3D.

After acquiring multiple ammo types for a given weapon, the player is able to cycle through ammo types by re-selecting the associated weapon. When re-selected, the weapon's ammo in the bottom left-hand corner of the HUD will change to the sprite associated with the current ammo type. The maximum ammo capacities of secondary ammo types are less than those of regular ammo types.

For weapons that support multiple ammo types, all secondary ammo types have red sprites, while all regular ammo types have blue sprites. The ammo sprites are otherwise identical.

Dum Dums

Dum Dums deal considerably more damage per second than any other weapon in the game. When directly tested, Dum Dums can reliably defeat the Battlelord at least twice as quickly as any other weapon or secondary ammo type. On a shot-by-shot basis, Dum Dums deal approximately twelve times as much damage as regular Pistol rounds. For perspective, this is roughly twice as much damage as a single rocket from the Devastator in Duke Nukem 3D. However, Dum Dums are relatively rare, usually appearing no more than once per level.

Ammo 2

Explosive Shotgun Shells

The explosive shotgun shells will render visible explosions upon impact, similar to the Devastator ammo from Duke Nukem 3D. The resulting explosions have a surprising blast radius and can kill several Pig Cops in a single blast. They do not appear very often in the game.

Ammo 3

Heat-Seeking Missiles

As soon as they are fired, the heat-seeking missiles will automatically (i.e., without requiring the player to do anything) adjust their course in order to target the nearest enemy. They do not actually "lock-on" to enemies. Instead, they update their angle of movement every frame such that they are pointed slightly closer to the nearest enemy, which may change. For this reason, their line of movement can appear chaotic and turbulent if there are many mobile enemies within the vicinity. They have no time limit before exploding, so they will travel indefinitely until exploding upon impact. They are arguably most effective against Sentry Drones, which are normally able to dodge missiles. Heat-seeking missiles are particularly rare and do not appear on more than a handful of levels.

Ammo 8

Retired weapons

Several weapons from the original Duke Nukem 3D have been retired and replaced with new weapons. The following weapons are nowhere to be found in Duke Nukem 64.

Chaingun Cannon


The Chaingun Cannon has been replaced by the SMGs. The SMGs carry twice as much ammo as the Chaingun Cannon, but they are much less accurate at long-range.



The RPG has been replaced by the Grenade Launcher. In contrast with the RPG, grenades from the Grenade Launcher will bounce and roll for three seconds before exploding, or the grenades will automatically detonate upon impact with enemies and with certain destructible objects.



The Devastator has been replaced by the Missile Launcher. The Missile Launcher fires like the RPG, but it has a slower rate of fire, firing approximately one rocket per second.



The Freezethrower has been replaced by the Plasma Cannon. The Plasma Cannon is a completely new weapon that does not functionally resemble the Freezethrower or any other weapon.

Unused secondary ammo types

There are remnants of code left in the game from secondary ammo types that were initially planned for inclusion in the game, but these were ultimately abandoned.

Rubber Bullets

There is some data in the game's memory that has the text "Rubber Bullets!" left over from an unused secondary ammo type. There also appears to be an unused sound clip in the game's memory which contributors to The Cutting Room Floor have speculated may correspond to a single rubber bullet being fired from a gun or bouncing off a wall. In an interview with game developer Nick Dry, he explained that the Rubber Bullets were meant to be fired from the Grenade Launcher, and they would have bounced off walls and merely stunned enemies.

Gas Grenades

There is some data in the game's memory that has the text "Gas Grenades!" listed as the middle string in a list of strings related to secondary ammo types. For this reason, the Gas Grenades were almost certainly another secondary ammo type for the Grenade Launcher, though no developer has ever confirmed this. According to game developer Nicky Dry, the Gas Grenades would have emitted a gas that dealt area-of-effect damage.

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