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Warp Factor is the third level of Lunar Apocalypse in Duke Nukem 3D.


Secret 1: The Ready Room

After entering the Yellow Access Card, ride the escalators up into a large, circular room. At the top of the escalators, turn right. In the wall directly ahead, find the compartment with Steroids inside. Climb into the compartment. Face the left wall of the compartment. Look up, and shoot the switch near the ceiling inside the compartment. A timer has been activated. Quickly run to the opposite side of the large room. A row of panels along the right-hand wall has been lowered, revealing a hidden passage. Enter the passage before the timer expires. If the timer expires, the panels will rise and conceal the passage.

Inside the hidden passage is an elevator. The elevator will take Duke to the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek.

This secret is unlocked upon stepping foot on the lower level of the Bridge, where a door to Captain Picard's Ready Room can be found. Entering the Ready Room will cause enemies to invade the Bridge.

Secret 2: The "Really" Ready Room

Press the "use"/"open" key while facing the computer in Captain Picard's Ready Room from Secret 1 above. The opposite wall will open, revealing the "Really" Ready Room.


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Duke Nukem 3D 100% Walkthrough- Warp Factor (E2L3) -All Secrets-

Easter eggs

  • The entire map is shaped like the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek, and the secret areas also contain complete reconstructions of the Bridge and the Ready Room aboard the Starship.
  • The bed inside the "Really" Ready Room (Secret 2) has the words, "Blum Bed Co." printed along the side. This is a reference to level designer Allen Blum. According to the 20th anniversary developer commentary, Blum added the "Really" Ready Room to this map, which was otherwise designed by Richard "Levelord" Gray.

Development history

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There is footage of this map from May 9, 1995.


May 9, 1995 Prototype - Warp Factor in Duke Nukem 3D


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