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WG Dracula is the fifth and final level of the "Resistance" episode of Alien Armageddon.


After clearing out the Smithsonian Museum and finding the aliens' trans-dimensional portal, an emissary of Princess Deanova of Varanos tells Wes that he must travel through the portal and stop Lord Onyx and the Draco from coming through the portal to Earth. She has attempted to sabotage the portal herself, but cannot do any more than she has already done without risking blowing her cover. Gripping his trusty Vorpal Sword, Wes travels through the portal into the dimension of the Draco, an absolutely massive, stormy valley full of all kinds of evil beings hellbent on destroying the Earth and the humans who inhabit it. Wes must work his way from the bottom of the valley to the top of the mountain, storm Lord Onyx's castle, and face off against the Draco leader himself; the fate of the entire world depends on his success.


There are a whopping 25 secrets in this level.

  • 18 will be found before you reach the outside area of the castle, at the top of the mountain.
  • 4 will be found within the outside area of the castle.
  • 3 will be found inside the castle.

Secret 1: Broken Building Boogie[]

When you first emerge into the main valley from the temple-like environment below,  head up the stairs, then immediately go up the narrow ramp in front of you (which looks to be some kind of destroyed building), the top of which contains Revolver ammo and two Small Medkits. Just across the way from the top of this building is the destroyed remains of another building, which is the secret. Glide over there carefully to be rewarded with 2 Spider-Mines, a Small Medkit, and ammo for both the Shotgun and Revolver. An alternative (and easier) way would be to use the building that is mostly sunk into the acid and glide from there, as the angle is much more agreeable.

Secret 2: But Wait, There's More![]

Before jumping off the first secret, go all the way to the top of the building and jump up on the upper ledge of it. At the end of the path, where the skulls are, there is a ledge on the adjoining mountain; jump there to be rewarded with 2 Uzis.

Secret 3: Glide Like an Eagle[]

When you travel up the first part of the mountain, you will eventually come to a ledge with a box of Shotgun ammo and an air stream, which leads to the next part of the mountain. Before taking this, however, turn around and you will notice a structure/building a fair distance away with an Atomic Health on top of it. Strafe jump and glide your way to it to get the secret.

Secret 4: Zombie Roommate[]

From the previous secret, look back towards the ledge you jumped from, and you will notice a destroyed building that you can jump inside. Do so, head down the stairs and you will see a door that you can enter. Do so to be rewarded with a Portable Medkit, but be wary of the Zombie guarding it.

Secret 5: Riding the Airwaves[]

Back on the ledge with the air stream, this time take the air stream carefully up to the next ledge. Before going further up the mountain, look to your immediate right to see a lighter grey ledge with an Obliterator on it. Simply jump and glide on over to get the secret.

Secret 6: But Wait, There's More... Again![]

From the previous secret -- again, before you head further up the mountain -- look across the way and you will see a destroyed building that you can glide to. Do so, and you will be rewarded with another secret, this time containing Adrenaline, 5 Spider-Mines, and a Large Medkit.

Secret 7: Roof Inspector, Part 1[]

Further up the mountain, you will eventually come across a house in the first screenshot (mind the Varanor close by); run up the sloped land to the right of the house, then jump and glide to the top of it to find Uzi ammo and a Large Medkit.

Secret 8: Down, Down, Down[]

Immediately past the previous secret, you will come to what looks like a dead end with another house far away and to your left. You can go to that house and collect some items, but what you want to do next is go to where the second screenshot is and look to your right. There is a very long and very narrow ledge running down the side of the mountain, down to some islands surrounded by acid. There are items on several of these, but the one you want to find is the third screenshot, which contains RPG ammo.

Secret 9: Beam Me Up, Scotty[]

Still in this island area, look just beyond where you currently are to find an island with the a Summoning Statue and ateleporter on it, which teleports you back to where you were before, and then some.

Secret 10: Roof Inspector, Part 2[]

Further up the mountain, you'll come across a big fight with a ton of Octabrains and an Overlord (first screenshot); once you deal with them, look to your left (facing where the Overlord came from) and you'll notice a diamond-shaped ledge with an Atomic Health on it. This is not the secret, but you will need to use it to access the real secret, which is the roof of the house just across the way from where the Atomic Health is; this secret contains Armor, two racks of Buzzsaw Blades, and a Small Medkit.

Secret 11: Pillar Plunder, Part 1[]

Past the aforementioned battle, head up the next ledge and take out the swarm of Zombies and Cronens. Before advancing further, pay special attention to the tall pillars standing up everywhere. The tops of several of these will be tagged as secret. For now, look to the left off the ledge where the first two pillars you came across were (when you fought your first Overlord). Glide carefully down to the top of the shorter one with the RPG Ammo. We can't access the tops of these taller pillars just yet, so we won't worry about them for now.

Secret 12: Pillar Plunder, Part 2[]

Go back to where you glided down for the previous secret, but this time, head just a bit further up the mountain (near the temple of sorts you see in the first screenshot). Now you will be able to glide down to the top of the taller of the first two pillars, this one containing 2 racks of Buzzsaw Blades.

Secret 13: Peace and Quiet[]

After the big battle with the Battlelord, Octabrains and Mega Brains, go up the massive arena ledge and look to your right to see two houses. The grey one on the right has a boarded up window on the left that you can enter through when you get close enough. Do so to appear inside of the house and be rewarded with RPG ammo and 3 Large Medkits.

Secret 14: Livin' on the (L)edge[]

Exit the secret house and look down ahead of you; there will be a brown structure that you can glide down to; do so, and then look behind you to spy a ledge within gliding distance that is holding an Atomic Health. Glide on over to pick it up.

Secret 15: Pillar Plunder, Part 3[]

Back at the secret house yet again, if you look down and to your right, you will notice that you can now reach the tops of the two pillars near the outside of the temple. Glind down to the taller one for 2 Scar Ice Mags.

Secret 16: Pillar Plunder, Part 4[]

Glide from here to the top of the smaller pillar for 3 Spider Mines.

Secret 17: But Wait, There's More... Yet Again![]

Before jumping off the smaller pillar, look down ahead of you, and you will see a very distant pointed tower housing 2 Atomic Health pickups. Skillfully glide your way down there to get them. Save your game first, just to be safe.

Secret 18: Pillar Plunder, Part 5[]

Finally go past the large arena platform with the previous big fight, and go through the 3 consecutive air streams to head to the part of the mountain where the first screenshot shows. Take out the Zombie up here, then immediately turn around and head to the ledge. You see that tiny pillar the crosshair is on in the second screenshot? That's your target. Strafe jump and glide on over to pick up Armor.

Secret 19: Roof Inspector, Part 3[]

When you get to the outer courtyard in front of the main castle, clear the rabble, then look for a wooden box next to a house. Get on top of both, then use the chimney of the house to reach the roof of the taller house next to it to find a secret rooftop with 3 racks of Buzzsaw Blades, a Large Medkit, and ammo for the RPG and Devastator.

Secret 20: Roof Inspector, Part 4[]

While still on the secret roof, look towards where you jumped from to discover another similarly-high rooftop just across the way. Glide jump over to it (Press "S" while gliding to get the additional boost) and be rewarded with ammo for the Shotgun, RPG and Devastator, as well as a Large Medkit.

Secret 21: Roof Inspector, Part 5[]

From THIS roof, look out towards the front of the castle and you should notice a brown church. Get to the rooftop of the church to find ammo for the Scar Ice Rifle, Transfusion Rifle and Devastator, and a Small Medkit.

Secret 22: Roof Inspector, Part 6[]

On the other side of the courtyard, you will see two houses next to each other, the taller of which having an Atomic Health on its chimney. Walk up the sloped edge of the smaller house in order to be able to glide to it (or use Glide Jump, as mentioned before), then glide over to the taller house and jump up on the chimney to get your reward.

Secret 23: Some Minor Renovations[]

Directly behind the two Swinelords in the huge main room of the castle at the top of the stairs, there is a small hole in the wall that you will need to use Self-Shrink at. Once you emerge on the other side, look to your right and you will see a crack in the door. Blow that up, and directly across from you will be yet another cracked door. Blow THAT one up and head inside to find 4 Spider-Mines.

Secret 24: More Minor Renovations[]

Continue through the hallway past the first cracked door, take out the two Protector Drones, and go all the way to the end, where you will see a door in front of you, a bloody handprint on the wall to your right, and an open room to your left. The open room has a crack in the wall. Blow it up and go through to find a box of RPG ammo.

Secret 25: Pillar Plunder, Part 6[]

In the penultimate room before you get to Lord Onyx's sanctum, there is a broken pillar that you can spot from the very top that has an Atomic Health on it. Use the air stream at the top of the ledge to give you an extra boost, and then glide your way down to it.