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Vortex Productions was a modding team. The team had nine members and released the Duke Nukem 3D total conversion Duke In Black on May 1st, 1998; the mod was later updated on November 3rd, 2005. Duke In Black was the team's first total conversion. Vortex Productions mentioned making total conversion mods for Quake II, Duke Nukem Forever, and Shadow Warrior, though it is unknown if the team created total conversions for those games.

Team members[]

  • Alien8 – Final boss artist, level designer
  • Jim006 – CON editor
  • KiRK – Level designer
  • Eric McBain – Team coordinator, original concept, level designer
  • Michael McCoy (a.k.a. Mike) – Level designer
  • ROtN – Level designer, sounds
  • Slash – CON editor, level designer, enemy artist, co-webmaster
  • Wiket – Enemy artist, main screen artist, between level artist
  • Wolf – Level designer

DN3D mods[]