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The Voodoo Caves is the sixth level of the Duke Nukem 3D add-on pack Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach.


Secret 1[]

The first secret of the level is very easy to miss. Once you take a dip in the nearby pool at the start you'll find a rock blocking a secret passage at the end of the underwater cave. Shoot the rock and surface behind it to uncover secret #1. Contains: Snorkel, Pipeapples, Small Banana

Secret 2[]

This secret is similar to the first, once you reach a small underwater lake with the pillars you need to jump across, jump in and blow open the wall between wooden pillars. Inside, when you surface, you'll receive secret #2. Contains: Conchanator, 2 x Conchanator ammo

Secret 3[]

Once you come out from the underwater cave system, you'll see some rocks and a tree. Blow up the tree so it's just the stump, behind it you will see a small opening in the wall. Use the rocks (and the tree stump) to jump your way into the opening and into secret #3. Contains: Coconut Launcher, Coconut Launcher ammo

Secret 4[]

Climb on top of the waterfall in secret #3 to make your way to another narrow stream. Almost immediately you'll find a bloody handprint on the wall. Use the handprint to open a nearby wall. Contains: Coconut Launcher ammo, Pineapples, Suntan Lotion

Secret 5[]

Right after the "blue door" you'll come across a makeshift hideout. Shoot open the stained glass window to uncover a switch which opens the nearby bookshelf. Contains: Crate of Bananas, Coconut Launcher ammo, Conchanator ammo

Secret 6[]

Right after you "release" the waterfall (shortly after the blue door) you'll come to another wooden door. Instead of heading right towards the map progression, jump left onto the ledge (so now you are standing on top of the waterfall). You can also go through the door, turn left, look up, and jump through the visible window. The secret is claimed once you go through this window. Contains: Hot Sauce, 3 x single Pineapple, Small Banana

Secret 7[]

Right before crossing the long wooden bridge, look right to find a small ledge you can drop into. Head in there to grab the seventh secret. Also there is a really long elevator that will take you to the bottom of this area. Contains: Pearl Health

Secret 8[]

Ride the elevator (from secret #7) down to the bottom of the area. Jump into the pool of water that is there and snake your way through the underwater cave to surface on the other side. There you'll find the eight secret and a message from one of the mappers. Contains: Jetpack, Pearl Health

Secret 9[]

After you unlock the door (after the bridge) you'll get to an area with two small waterfalls and two columns. Jump up on the ledge and use the discoloured wall to unlock secret #9. Contains: Pearl Health, Crate of Bananas


  • When the player reaches the area with the long bridge, the title theme will start playing for some odd reason. This also happens in The Alien Remains.


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