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The voicemails in Duke Nukem Forever, also known as "phone messages," are recorded audio messages that can be heard by interacting with telephones throughout the game. If all 14 voicemails are discovered, then the "Call Waiting" achievement is unlocked. They are similar to the phone gags from the Blood games.


Voicemails can be found on the following levels:

1. Duke Lives: 1 voicemail
2. Damn! It's Late...: no voicemails
3. The Duke Cave: no voicemails
4. Mothership Battle: no voicemails
5. The Lady Killer: no voicemails
6. Vegas in Ruin: no voicemails
7. The Duke Dome: 1 voicemail
8. The Hive: no voicemails
9. Queen Bitch: no voicemails
10. Duke Nukem's Titty City: 4 voicemails
11. Crash Course: no voicemails
12. The Duke Burger: 1 voicemail

13. The Mighty Foot: 2 voicemails
14. Ghost Town: no voicemails
15. Highway Battle: no voicemails
16. Dam Top: no voicemails
17. The Shrunk Machine: 1 voicemail
18. The Forkstop: no voicemails
19. Generator Room: 1 voicemail
20. Underground: no voicemails
21. The Clarifier: 3 voicemails
22. Blowin' the Dam: no voicemails
23. Final Battle: no voicemails
24. Press Conference: no voicemails

See the links above for more information on how to find each voicemail.

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