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This page refers to the singleplayer level. For the multiplayer map, see Vegas Ruins.

Vegas in Ruin is the sixth chapter of Duke Nukem Forever.


After exiting the Lady Killer Casino, Duke meets up with Dylan and several EDF soldiers. After receiving the Ripper (and rejecting Master Chief armor) from a truck, Duke mounts a turret and mows down several Aliens. After making his way through the ruined Las Vegas, Duke meets up with more EDF soldiers in a pit. Duke clears the area, not long after, a Battlelord crashes through the pit wall. A battle insues, ending with Duke punching the Battlelord "Right in the jewels" and killing him. Dylan breaks out of a sewer pipe nearby. Duke heads into the pipe, leading into The Duke Dome.

Ego boosts

There is one new ego boost on this level that cannot be found on any previous level:

  1. Battlelord: Punch the Battlelord in the groin. (+1 Ego)


There is one helmet on this level. It cannot be worn, but it is one of three helmets that must be found throughout the game in order to unlock the "Bucket Head" achievement:

  1. Master Chief: Find Master Chief's helmet from Halo in the back of the armored vehicle at the very beginning of the level.


Easter eggs


Master Chief's power armor

  • When first met, the character Dylan will say, "I've been trying to help a friend find his wife!" This is referencing Marcus Fenix from Gears of War.
  • Master Chief's helmet and power armor can be found on the street when Duke first arrives. An EDF soldier stops Duke and tells him his power armor is ready, but Duke replies, "Power armor is for pussies." Notably, Master Chief's helmet bears an uncharacteristic Nuke logo. The accompanying music during the cutscene sounds similar to the Halo 3 theme.
  • When Private Jenkins dies, Duke can be heard saying "Dammit Leeroy". This is more than likely a reference to Leeroy Jenkins.
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