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User maps are fan-made levels in video games. Duke Nukem 3D has an especially large online catalog of user maps numbering in the thousands, almost all of which are free to download.


The Build level editor comes packaged with most versions of Duke Nukem 3D and includes a license to redistribute fan-made Duke Nukem 3D levels, as long as they are distributed for free. However, the classic Build level editor was designed for MS-DOS and is not compatible with most modern computers. Since 2004, nearly all Duke Nukem 3D user maps have been created using Mapster32. Mapster32 comes packaged with EDuke32, which is free to download.


Although all versions of Duke Nukem 3D can play user maps, certain user maps may require specific versions of the game, depending on the software version of the mapping utility. However, EDuke32 is compatible with most user maps, making it a popular choice in the online community.

In addition, some user maps may be compatible only with certain mods and total conversions. For example, many user maps have been designed specifically for DukePlus, which allows for different features and special effects than those found in the base game.

20th Anniversary Edition[]

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour can load user maps downloaded from the official Steam workshop, but it can also load user maps from unauthorized sources as well. To load user maps downloaded from the Internet, copy the map files into the game's root directory. With the game opened, press the backtick (`) key to open the in-game console, and enter "MAP" followed by a space ( ) and then the file name. The console is insensitive to file extensions and does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase characters.

Finding user maps[]

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There are several Duke Nukem websites and other sites where players can find and download user maps for free. Although user maps were once primarily shared via the Duke Nukem Repository or Mikko Sandt's website, user maps are now primarily distributed via the Duke4 forums, Mod DB, and the Steam workshop.

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