Duke Nukem Wiki

The Duke Nukem Wiki has new rules on the About page.

What was changed?

Previously, the rules basically just said, 'We have no rules except for the universal rules set by Fandom.'

Now, there is a bulleted list of roughly a dozen specific rules. You can read them here.

Why were the rules changed?

The new rules were added in order to:

  • Promote editorial consistency across the wiki
  • Help resolve potential disputes

The new rules were NOT added in order to:

  • Gatekeep / discourage newcomers
  • Give people a hard time if they make edits before reading the rules

Do I have to read them?

You do NOT have to read the rules in order to start editing this wiki! As long as you're using common sense, you shouldn't have to worry about getting banned or anything like that. (I hate websites that require newcomers to read a list of rules before participating!)

If you don't read the rules, then someone might make stylistic corrections to your edits, but that's pretty much it. Also, if you ever have an editing dispute with someone, then you can use the rules to resolve the dispute.

Who has authority around here?

You. There is no "team" behind the Duke Nukem Wiki.

"Administrators" are basically just janitors — not bosses — who are trusted with a few extra buttons.

If you see a mistake in an article, then you are in the highest position of authority to correct it.

If you see that something is missing from the wiki, then you are in the highest position of authority to add it.

If you see that something on the wiki is poorly written or biased, then you are in the highest position of authority to improve it.

"That can't be right. Don't I need permission to make certain changes? Won't someone with higher authority give me a hard time about it?"

Ha! This wiki is dead quiet! Who would even notice, let alone try to stop you?

If you're worried, then I hereby anoint you an Executive Senior Lead Editor. So go ahead. I give you my blessings to go and make those improvements.

Seriously, I really appreciate your help :)