Duke Nukem Wiki

Hello! :)

I redesigned the Duke Nukem Wiki background image. Here's how it should look in your browser:


It's really, really hard to optimize the background for all devices!

The background doesn't appear on mobile devices, but on desktops with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and ads turned-off (ads automatically turn-off when you log-in), the background looks great. It also looks great on slightly smaller resolutions. However, a giant white beam might appear in the middle of the background if you have ads turned-on or if you're using a strange browser / resolution combination. There's nothing I can do about this. Fandom artificially splits the background into two in order to correct for problems with certain displays, and they sometimes do this incorrectly. I'm so sorry if there's a giant white beam on your screen!

Also, the left and right edges may be cut-off or auto-filled with black space depending on your screen resolution.

If you're wondering why the image is compressed, that's because Fandom forbids background images larger than 300 kilobytes. If you're wondering why the width is randomly 2000 pixels, that's because Fandom tells admins to use 2000-pixel-width images. If you're wondering why the height is randomly 1053 pixels, that's because the Fandom University training video on "How to Make a Custom Background" recommends resolutions that are multiples of 1900 x 1000 pixels.

Here's how it actually appears in my browser:

Browser view.png

ADDENDUM: As of September 18, 2020, the background should automatically fit to monitor resolutions of all sizes, thanks to some CSS magic :)