Duke Nukem Wiki

Fandom recently updated the back-end for the Duke Nukem Wiki.

This site is now served by the Unified Community Platform (UCP), instead of the legacy platform.

Why was the platform changed?

Fandom and Gamepedia are being merged into a unified platform for logistical reasons.

The transition was not optional, and the timing of the transition was not negotiable. All wikis will transition eventually.

What does this mean for us?

These are the biggest changes that anyone will actually notice:

  • We have new and improved visual/source editors.
  • Editing is now available on the mobile version of the site.
  • Some wikitext and special features might display differently, since the new platform runs MediaWiki 1.33.
  • The "Popular Pages" section on the right-hand side of most pages is not displaying the correct images. Hopefully Fandom fixes this by the time you read this.
  • Some images do not display at all. In one case, I was able to fix this by changing the image's dimensions on the page, and in another case, the image appeared after refreshing the page. (Maybe the server is still updating its cache and the problem will go away on its own?)
  • The Table of Contents at the top of each article exhibits a known bug: bullets appear in front of the numbers. This is a problem with UCP that currently affects all wikis and cannot be fixed on our end. Fandom is definitely aware of the problem, so hopefully it's fixed by the time you read this.
  • The image galleries have been downgraded. We were previously using the enhanced image galleries (opt-in only), but it looks like the UCP only supports a polished version of the legacy galleries for now. As a result, certain galleries now look terrible (e.g., this one), and others are completely broken (e.g., this one).

There are probably more improvements and bugs that I haven't yet noticed.

You can read Fandom's write-up of all the changes here.

Is everything going to be worse now?

No :)

People tend to overreact to changes, especially when there are noticeable downsides to the changes. Personally, I'm optimistic about the direction Fandom is headed, and I hope they can iron-out all the wrinkles quickly.