• Smikes

    New background image

    April 12, 2020 by Smikes

    Hello! :)

    I redesigned the Duke Nukem Wiki background image. Here's how it should look in your browser:

    It's really, really hard to optimize the background for all devices!

    The background doesn't appear on mobile devices, but on desktops with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and ads turned-off (ads automatically turn-off when you log-in), the background looks great. It also looks great on slightly smaller resolutions. However, a giant white beam might appear in the middle of the background if you have ads turned-on or if you're using a strange browser / resolution combination. There's nothing I can do about this. Fandom artificially splits the background into two in order to correct for problems with certain displays, and they sometimes do this incorreā€¦

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