Duke Nukem Forever is set to be released in little over a week and in anticipation for the newest entry in the series this wiki is getting a much needed makeover! To make such a thing possible though we need a little help from you, the fans.

Starting today we are looking for people who wouldn't mind giving up some free time to boost the status of this wiki to make it more appealing for new users who may stumble across it. To do this I would like to invite all interested parties to come join me in steam chat over on our group page (link found below). I hope that with our combined efforts we could make a substantial push that would catapult this wiki to the level it should be.

Our efforts will be focused mainly on the redesign of the main page as well as the Duke Nukem Forever section. So, if you have experience with wiki's or have a plethora of Duke information stored away please stop by or just simply stop in and chat. I will be found in the chat channel at all times I'm on my computer to assist anyone who needs it. Thanks in advance, hope to see you in chat.

Duke Wiki Steam Group & Chat