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For personal reference: Things I want to do

  • Top Priority: Create a better background for this wiki Done
  • Fix and improve the navigation bar at the top of every page Done
  • Fix and improve the desktop home page Done
  • Systematically reorganize the category tree Done
    • Top-level categories ("Weapons") should only contain sub-categories ("Duke Nukem 3D weapons") Done
  • Fix and improve the mobile home page Done
    • This requires that our category tree is super clean and well-defined --> Do that first Done
  • Figure out what to do about the fact that the Atomic Edition and Plutonium PAK currently share the same page (perhaps correctly), and in any case, improve the page(s) Done
  • Add information about the developer commentary to the 20th Anniversary Edition article Done
  • Figure out what to do about the Duke Nukem (list of quotes) page, given that (1) people clearly worked very hard on it, (2) almost nothing links to that page, (3) the title doesn't really make sense, and (4) all of the information on that page simply repeats what's found on the Quotes (DN3D), Quotes (DNF), etc. pages Done
  • Check all pages that have been marked as candidates for deletion and delete them if appropriate Done
  • Some of the weapon pages need serious help Done
    • The Pistol and Shotgun pages each contain multiple articles that should be split-off Done
    • The Shrinker page is totally screwed-up for some reason Done
    • The Expander and Freezethrower need disambiguation pages for DN3D vs. DNF Done
  • Finish the Duke Nukem 3D 1995 article and split it off into smaller articles Done
  • Reorganize the infobox that appears at the tops of level pages and introduce cross-episode navigation Done
  • Replace the fan-fiction on the episode pages with neatly organized charts and screenshots Done
  • Improve the main game pages Done
  • Add pages for poorly documented DN3D ports and homebrews Done
  • Add remaining screenshots from prototypes
  • Add "Development history" section to most level and enemy pages
  • Add pages for the 2010 asset purchase agreement and various court cases
  • Improve the DN3D enemy pages
    • Systematize structure across pages, which games are listed under appearances, etc.
  • Add more pages for key people
    • Lots of pages reference Richard Gobeille, Scott Miller, and Todd Replogle
  • Improve the portals
    • Fix and improve the portals for Duke Nukem I, II, 3D, and Forever Done
    • Add portals for the expansions and spin-offs
  • Create organized lists at the tops of important category pages
  • Update the "Weapon Effectiveness" tables on the weapon pages
  • Improve the Duke Nukem franchise page
  • Make sure the articles for every level of Duke Nukem 3D/64 are complete, consistent, and clean
    • Add/update "Secrets" sections on all pages to look like this one
    • Add sections about the babes to rescue on every level of Duke Nukem 64
  • Create speedrun guides for every level
  • Pages that should be added
    • Duke Nukem 64
      • Pages for each level
        • Even if a handful of levels are basically the same as DN3D, there are still the babes to rescue
      • Better pages for each weapon
      • Pages for the secondary ammo types
    • Mods that are either super famous or were created by super famous players
      • Duke Hard (one of the top-downloaded mods on ModDB and has its own leaderboard)
      • Red (was insanely popular, inspired copycats, and has its own leaderboard)
      • Metropolitan Mayhem (A-team of well-known mappers, very high quality) Thanks to Technopeasant
      • FM4X (created by Fernando Marquez, who probably deserves his own page)
      • Shaky Grounds (highest-voted maps of all time)
      • This page should mention Chimera, Mikko Sandt's contribution, and the Aquatic/Genetic versions Done
    • Consider whether it's worth adding pages for the most famous mappers and speedrunners (e.g., Fernito)
    • Top search terms that don't have pages
    • Top "most wanted" pages that are linked but don't actually exist
  • Add lots of redirects, fix broken links, fix double redirects, etc.
  • Prioritize content that generates the highest traffic
    • Top visited pages
    • Experiment with Google's suggestions for various Duke-related auto-completes --> Prioritize those

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