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Urea 51-2

Urea 51 [NOTE: This image is from a PC port of the map file.]

Urea 51 is a secret level exclusive to the Sega Saturn version of Duke Nukem 3D. It can be reached through a secret exit in Fahrenheit.


Urea 51 is one of the shortest levels in the game. It is composed of a perfectly linear sequence of rooms, with no possibility of deviation. All the rooms exhibit a minimalist design aesthetic; there is very little to see apart from a small handful of enemies. There are no access cards or secret areas. A significant portion of the level consists of being carried along by cranes and conveyor belts.

Near the end of the level, the player must jump into a giant toilet bowl in outer space. The artistic design of the toilet bowl is notable because it is fairly abstract in comparison with other toilets in the game.

Urea 51 2

Abstract toilet bowl from Urea 51 (left) compared to the artistic realism seen elsewhere in the game (right). [NOTE: The image on the left is from a PC port of the map file.]


The secret exit to Urea 51 can be found by following these steps:

  1. Complete Fahrenheit as you would normally, but stop just before hitting the exit button.
  2. Return to the broadcast station, and enter the bathroom attached to the broadcasting stage area.
  3. The stall on the right is normally locked, but because you completed the rest of the level, you can now enter the stall. Enter the teleporter in the stall.
  4. The teleporter will take you to a hallway with urinals on each side. Hit the secret exit button at the end of the hallway.


  • This level has received notably negative reception. It has been cited as short and lackluster.
  • This map uses a licensed soundtrack. The music used is "Desolation Sound" by Madcap.

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