The released version of Duke Nukem 3D contains several pieces of data that are unused in the game, such as sprites and bits of code.

Scorpion Tank Edit

A collection of unused sprites of what appears to be a tank-like vehicle, similar to the Pig Cop Tank. It is thought that this is either another vehicle for the Pig Cop to use, or a prototype or alternative to the Pig Cop Tank. While the Pig Cop Tank is green in color, slower, has more armor and a self-destruct button, the Scorpion Tank is a little different, since it is brown, fast, with less armor and has no self-destruct button.

It is subbed the "Scorpion Tank" by fans, due to the appearance of its roof section being connected to rest of the vehicle only at the rear, thus looking like a scorpion's tail.

The Scorpion Tank's driver is a Pig Cop, whose angry face can be seen through the vehicle's window, with the L.A.R.D. text written under it. The Pig Cop's body is fairly visible inside the tank, unlike in the case of the Pig Cop Tank. This ground-based enemy is very agile in movement, changes place very fast and shoots constantly.

Enemy top views Edit

There are a few sprites which show several early enemies as seen from above. These presumably would have been displayed in the Map View, but the idea was scrapped.

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