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The United Babe Resistance (UBR) is a guerrilla force formed to liberate Earth from alien invaders in Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes.


In a dystopian future, men have been exterminated, and only women are left to fight an invading army of aliens and their bio-engineered animal mutants. Most of the women have been captured and enslaved by the aliens, but a group of female soldiers manages to escape. They form the United Babe Resistance to reclaim Earth from the alien invaders. Using a time machine, they contact Duke Nukem, who successfully fought alien invaders in the past, and recruit him to the UBR.

The UBR makes frequent use of salvaged technology that was developed by the Earth Defense Forces (EDF) before the alien invasion. Now that the EDF has fallen, scientists in the UBR continue their research.

Notable members[]