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Underwater Streets is the sixth level in Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes.

It is preceded by Trapped and followed by What's That Smell.



Duke continues his search for Silverback 's hideout.


  1. Find the library terminal
  1. Access the evidence room
  1. Blow the hidden exit

Possible secrets: 3

Cheat/s unlocked: First person camera (find all secrets)


Completing O1

In this mission do not destroy fire hydrants, as they can restore your O2 gauge, but do destroy mailboxes, as they contain power-ups. First I suggest cleaining out the exterior of all buildings and to get you familiar with mission layout. You can find... 2x Combat shotgun ammo, Laser gatling ammo, Airtank item, Armor item... and kill... 8x SharkCorps and 1x SkullCorps. Once you're done with exterior, let's check the interior. There are two houses that can be enterEd thru windows. In one you will find Laser gatling ammo, Handgun ammo. The other contains Laser gatling ammo, Torpedo launcher ammo.

SECRET 6A: Go to the fountain and look in the direction of police station. Now look left and you'll see an alley. Swim there. When in the middle, look up. You'll see a hole. Secret area contains Duke's biography item, Airtank item and Laser gatling ammo.

Now that we're really done, find 'Public library' sign. Above it is a grating to be shot out. Enter the tunnel and shoot another grating. Enter a huge room. Kill 2x SharkCorps and 1x SkullCorps. Collect Goggles item. Proceed to next room. Kill 2x SharkCorps and 1x SkullCorps. Collect Energy weapon and Airtank item. Enter next room. O1 complete!

Completing O2

Before getting out of library you may kill 4x SharkCorps. Hmm, streets are again infested. Kill 2x SharkCorps. Now head for 'Porky's donuts' shop. Inside collect Airtank item and Evidence room key item. Head for police station. Kill 2x SharkCorps in front of it. Enter. Past second double doors kill 1x SharkCorps and go right. When you arrive in jail, kill 1x SharkCorps. Middle right jail has Airtank item.

SECRET 6B: Enter far left jail. Collect Duke's biography item and enter secret area containing Torpedo launcher ammo.

Backtrack to double doors, but this time go left. Enter the offices and nab Sniper rifle, 2x Handgun ammo, Airtank item, Goggles item. Now unlock the 'Evidence room' lock. O2 complete!

Completing O3

In evidence room collect Detonator item, Airtank item and Combat shotgun ammo. Exit the police station (kill 1x SharkCorps near second double doors). Head for the fountain. Place yourself near the base of the fountain and press X. O3 complete!

SECRET 6C: Once the fountain is gone, swim thru the opening. On the bottom there is hard-to-see grating. Destroy it. Secret area contains Quest item.

Exit secret area and swim forward. Finally no more water...