U.S. Gold Limited was a British video game publisher based in Holford, England. The company was founded in 1984 by Geoff Brown in parallel to his distributor firm, CentreSoft, both of which became part of Woodward Brown Holdings (later renamed CentreGold). The company primarily aimed at publishing games imported from the United States with a lower price tag in Europe and especially the United Kingdom.

By 1985, U.S. Gold projected a turnover of US$6 million for their first fiscal year, and expected to release further 150 games in the year to come. In 1988, U.S. Gold received the Golden Joystick Award for "Software House of the Year". The company also operated the budget range label Kixx. In April 1996, Eidos Interactive acquired the entire CentreGold umbrella (including U.S. Gold) for GB£17.6 million, as a result of which U.S. Gold and CentreSoft ceased all operations.

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