Duke Nukem Wiki

Here's some multiplayer ideas for Duke 3D. A lot of these ones are focused on just two players. These have been tested with my brother and myself. --Atari st Favorites


(On different computers over a network or online)

The normal duke deathmatch, I think they call it dukematch which is just your normal deathmatch where you have to get the most kills.

Hide N Seek[]

(Played over the network or online)

you pick dukematch mode and the object of this game is one of you hides and the other person has to just simply find you. If you know your secret places then this is a game for yourself. Give your opponant a good amount of time to find you or they could give up. This game won't work on co-op mode as there is a button you can press which shows you where your opponant is.

One attempt to complete level[]

(This one is a hotseat one where you each take a turn)

For this one you pick a level and you and your opponant have only one attempt to complete the level, if you complete the level and your opponant dies then you win and vice versa. Try come get some or Damn I'm good for this one to make it hard.

Speed run, many attempts[]

(On the same or different computers)

For this one your opponant and yourself agree a level and you both have to complete that level as fast as you can. You have many attempts but you can agree when this contest ends such as after a week. Whoever gets the fastest time wins. Once you complete the level you will see the time on the completion screen. This one does rely on your opponant and you to be honest with each other by not using any cheat codes or anything like that.


(Preferably different computers but could play on the same one)

Only one attempt for this one. For this one you just have to see how many secrets you can find in the level and whoever finds the most wins the game. No cheating by looking up the secrets online. It tells you how many secrets you find at the completing screen.


(Preferably different computers but could play on the same one)

Only one attempt. For this one you have to kill as many monsters as possible, whoever kills the most wins. It will tell you at the completion screen. Don't worry about how many monsters you haven't killed as this information is buggy but only the monsters that you have killed.

Kill stopwatch[]

(On the same computer, hotseat)

You both agree on a episode such as Sharpnal city or The birth and maybe flip a coin with whoever wins the toss gets to pick if they want to go first or second. When it is your turn your stopwatch starts and you try to complete the level as fast as you can, once you complete the level your stopwatch stops and you start your opponants stopwatch. Whoever's stopwatch goes over lets say 10 minutes is the loser. 

Enemy Damage[]

(On the same computer, hotseat game)

In this one you get one attempt to try and complete the level without taken any damage from the enemies. You are allowed fall damage or other things that damage you that are not enemies. If an enemy hits you you are out. If you managed to complete the level and your opponant does not then you win and vice versa.

Elimination Dukematch[]

(On different computer over the network or online)

This is just like normal dukematch except when you die you are out. only one life You could probably give each other three lives to make it more interesting.

Duke No Weapons[]

(On same computer hotseat)

You get one attempt just to simply complete a level without using any weapons at all. If you die you lose.


(Over network or online)

Decide who goes first with a coin flip or agreement. You decide what episode you want to play. Lets use the birth as an example for how this game works. I would make it a hard difficulty such as come get some or damn I'm good. You play this on co-op mode, Player one has one attempt to complete the mission impossible level, if player one dies then player two plays his attempt, player two's attempt might be easier because player one has killed a lot of enemies. You get one point for completing the level regardless of whether you have went first or second. Then once you are on the next level you reverse positions by making player two go first and if player two dies player ones takes his spot just like the last level. You keep doing it this way till you go through all the levels in the episode.

Speed run one attempt[]

(On the same computer hotseat)

This is just a one attempt at seeing how fast you can complete a level, maybe best on the damn I'm good or come get some difficulty. Once you finsh the level you check to see how fast you completed it on the completion screen. If you are unlucky and you die in your attempt, the other player just has to simply complete the level to win the point.

Stop The Player[]

(On the network or online)

For this game you decide who goes the defender and who goes the level lord. You play this on co-op mode and pick a level which will have enemies in it as well to make it harder for the level lord. The level lord has to simply just complete the level, in any way possible but the defender will be attacking the level lord all the time by shooting him and stopping him anyway possible. Now the defender is not allowed to collect any access cards but if the defender accidentally picks up an access card, he must use it immediately to open whatever door it opens. If the level lord gives up or takes over an hour to complete the level then the defender wins. You could probably add more time if the defender accidentally picks up an access card.

Get To The Exit, Computer Bots only[]

(On the same computer hotseat)

For this one you put a certain number of computer bots and play this one as a deathmatch, make yourself player one as he starts right at the beginning of the level, you only have one attempt each, now all you have to do is get to the exit without getting killed. You are allowed to kill the computer bots but once you die you are out. This acts as a one attempt for each player, so if player one and player two both complete the level then that is a tie. If only one of the players completes the level then he wins.

Map Mode[]

(On the same computer hotseat)

This is my least favorite one. In this one you each have one attempt to complete the level on mapmode by clicking the tab key twice. If you manage to complete the level you get a point but if you die and your opponant completes the level then he gets the point or wins. On mapmode you don't get to see the enemies or button positions so this will be a challenge. It's a very hard one.

Duke Ka Go Go

(Same computer)

Now for this one you both agree on a level to play and you flip a coin, if you win the flip you get to decide whether or not to play the level.  If you die in the level you lose.

Episode Speedrun

(Different Computer)

Time yourself and see how fast you can complete the episode. In this one you decide to play an episode and you simply have to complete that episode as fast as you can, you are allowed to save during the game otherwise if you die you will have to start at the beginning again.


Sorry for using the name level lord. It just sounds like a cool name. By the way, the real level lord is the one and only Richard Gray. --Atari st Favorites