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The Trooper is an enemy in LameDuke. Along with the Drone, it is one of the most common enemies in LameDuke.


The Trooper has low health, but is still a threat. It is armed with a pistol that it can fire rapidly, which allows it to hack away the player’s health in no time flat. It is also equipped with a Jetpack that it will use if the player either uses their own Jetpack or if the player lands on top of the Trooper.

Combat Analysis[]

Weapon effectivenesses
Club ld
6 swings
6 shots
Plasma Cannon
Weapon3w ld
1 shot
Pipe Bomb
1 pipebomb
1 rocket
  • Note: The values given for the explosive weapons are minimum values only.

Troopers are extremely weak and serve as little more than cannon fodder. However, their pistol can be quite strong, making them deadlier than they look. Don’t forget that the Trooper has a jetpack and will use it to fly up to the player (such as in E1L6), so don’t be surprised if you see one suddenly pop up while you’re on a roof.

Anything stronger than the Pistol can kill them in one hit. Groups of Troopers can easily be dispatched with one rocket or Pipebomb. The Pipebomb’s large explosive range makes it better suited for a group of Troopers spread out than the RPG.


Pistol bullet attack
Type Hitscan
Damage 5
Actor tile number 2595/SHOTSPARK1
Sound chaingun.voc
ricochet.voc (Impact)


Based on analysis of the Trooper’s abilities and pre-release screenshots, it is safe to say that the Trooper evolved into the final’s Assault Trooper. Both the Trooper and Assault Trooper have the ability to fly and are weak.

Concrete proof of the Trooper evolving into the Assault Trooper can be found in pre-release screenshots. These shots show what appears to be a recolored Trooper in them. However, one of the screenshots shows that the top of their head is elongated, which is not in the LameDuke sprites. Concept art of the Trooper found in the GoG and XBLA releases of Duke Nukem 3D show a head design that is almost identical to the one in the pre-release screenshots, but the image also shows a head design that it quite similar to the Assault Troopers. This confirms that the Trooper evolved into the Assault Trooper.



From Trooper to Assault Trooper[]

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