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For the Duke Nukem 3D weapon, see Laser Tripbomb.

The Trip Mine is a weapon in Duke Nukem Forever.


The Trip Mine can be placed on any surface. When placed, it will emit a red laser. If something touches the red laser, the Trip Mine will explode, killing or harming whatever is in front of the Trip Mine.

Unlike its DN3D counterpart, the Trip Mine can be placed on Enemies. AIl enemies will run around and try to remove it before it explodes. What exactly it will do in multiplayer when attached to a player is unknown, but a pre-release suggests that it’ll be something bad.

The Trip Mine can be blown up by any explosive weapon, such as the Pipe Bomb and RPG.

Trip Mines can always be picked up, even if the player already has the maximum amount of Weapons they can hold. In addition, there is a separate key for laying Trip Mines, so the player can lay them whenever they want.

Easter eggs[]

  • Placing a Trip Mine on a live enemy will unlock the "Sticky Bomb Like You" achievement, a quote spoken by Lo Wang in Shadow Warrior when placing a sticky bomb on a live enemy.

Development history[]

Tripmine dnf2001

Trip Mine in the 2001 trailer

The Trip Mine can be seen in the 2001 trailer, in which a man is seen fleeing from an Octabrain. The man runs directly in front of the Trip Mine and is killed.

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