Toxic Dump is the fourth level of L.A. Meltdown in Duke Nukem 3D.

Secret exit Edit

In the sewer tunnel at the end of the level, a crack can be found along the left-hand wall of the tunnel. Blowing through this crack will reveal Secret #14, which contains a secret exit to Launch Facility.

Secrets Edit

1. Stand on top of the submarine to open a hidden door. Jump back into the
water and reenter the sub. Swim all the way to the top to get a portable med
kit, an atomic health atom, and some armor.

2. Go to the ledge where you found the blue keycard and RPG. Look at the gun turret that is shooting at you from the right. Blast the turret, jump inside,
open the left wall, and grab the RPG rounds.

3. After getting the blue keycard and the RPG don your scuba gear and head back into the water. Go inside the underwater cavern, grab the portable med kit, and then blast the crack in the wall. Grab the atomic health atom and continue on to get some pipe bombs. Come to the surface and you are now in a secret alcove.

4. Go through the blue key door and along the right side of the wall, near the
first bend, there is a door. Open it and follow it back outside to get the
chain gun.

5. In the crane room take the conveyor belt until you see some toxic waste to
your right (you should be going up a ramp at this point). Crawl in it and open
the wall parallel to the conveyor belt to get some chain gun rounds.

6. From Secret 5--Continue on the conveyor belt and when you get to the top of the incline shoot out the big window. Hit the blue switch to open two pods. Go into the left pod and jump straight up. You'll land on a ledge that has two atomic health atoms on it.

7. In the flood area jump on the tall slanted platform and look to your right. Jump into the dark cave and snag some RPG rounds, the portable med kit, and the shotgun.

8. In the flood area, before you get to the "02" computer there is a crack in the wall. Blast it.

9. From Secret 8--In the back of this cave there is another crack. Blast it open to get an atomic health atom.

10. From secret 9--In the back of this cave there is yet another crack. Blast it to open to gain access back to the beginning of the level.

11. From secret 8--Go past secret eight and you'll come to a control room. Open the secret crawl space between the security monitor and the orange cylinder (and to the right of the switch that raises and lowers the water level) to reveal
some shotgun shells and scuba gear.

12. After going through the double doors and then through the rotating gears, there is water pouring into a tunnel. On the right side of this tunnel, there is a crack in the wall. Blow it up, and go through the teleporter. Grab the RPG rockets and two pistol clips.

13. At the beginning of the "toxic river" there is an air duct. Shoot out the fan and inside are two atomic health atoms.

14. Hug the left wall during the rapids area of the sewer. You should catch on a small outcropping in the wall right before the end of the river. Blow the wall open to reveal some chain gun ammo.[1] Here you can also find the exit to the secret level Launch Facility.

Hidden compartments Edit

The following hidden compartments are not counted as secrets.

  • Above the water at the start of the level, go to the ledge with the Blue Access Card and RPG. Jump into the nook with the Turret on the left-hand side (facing the water). This is the nook directly across from Secret #2. The back-left wall of this nook can be opened to reveal a hidden compartment.
  • Inside the secret compartment above, open the wall on the right-hand side. This will reveal another hidden compartment inside the hidden compartment.
  • When you go down with the water flow in the area with the platforms, there is a button that moves the platforms that is revealed after you press a switch. While in the water, shoot the button from afar to move the platforms, go underwater, and you'll see a hidden cache behind the platforms. You have to be quick to get to the hidden cache or risk being crushed. You will get an RPG and a box rocket for RPG.

Walkthrough Edit

See Also: Written/Pictorial Walkthrough by 3D Realms

Duke Nukem 3D 100% Walkthrough- Toxic Dump (E1L4) -All Secrets, To Secret Level-

Duke Nukem 3D 100% Walkthrough- Toxic Dump (E1L4) -All Secrets, To Secret Level-

Easter eggs Edit

In the sunk submarine area, jump to the turret alcove on the left from the blue key. Use the wall to find a circular room that says "HOW DID YOU GET HERE?" Here is another hidden door with a holoduke.

In the big water room there is a button you shoot to join the sliding platforms. If you go under the water REAL FAST you can see a rotating fan in the area where one platform rests. Shoot it to reveal a secret alcove with some RPG rounds. This doesn't count as a secret though.

Screenshots Edit



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