The Tittyana, also known as the Super Chaingun is a weapon in Duke Nukem Forever available only in Multiplayer as part of the Hail to the Icons Parody Pack DLC.


The Tittyana is a super chaingun, this weapon is considerably overpowered. It combines the best of the Shotgun and Ripper properties, and with almost none of their drawbacks. Still, this weapon has a critical weakness: The reduced mobility. While firing this weapon, the user becomes the equivalent of target practice for return fire. Fortunately, this reduced mobility only happens while the gun's barrel is spinning.


  • Can defeat several opponents at once with very little ammo consumption.
  • Exceptional DPS, more than any other weapon in the entire game.
  • No reloading.


  • Movement speed is greatly reduced when using this weapon.
  • Requires a good length of time to start firing once the trigger is pulled.
  • Shots scatter over greater distances.
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