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Tiberius Station is the sixth level of Lunar Apocalypse in Duke Nukem 3D.


Secret 1: Portable Medkit behind the supplies room

At the start of the level, enter the room labeled "Supplies." Open the back wall to reveal a Portable Medkit.

Secret 2: Crack in the corridor wall

At the beginning of the main corridor, search for a crack in the right-hand wall and blast it open.

Secret 3: Indentation in the wall

In the main corridor, there is a timed door that leads to a red room containing the Devastator. To the left of this door, there is a slight indentation in the wall. Opening this indented section of the wall reveals a secret compartment with an Enforcer inside.

Secret 4: Across from the drinking fountain

Beneath the room with the Blue Access Card, there is a dark hallway with a drinking fountain. Across from the drinking fountain, it is possible to pass through the wall. Inside is a secret compartment with Pipe Bombs.

Secrets 5-6: Behind the moving platforms

In the room filled with toxic waste, flip the switch that causes the moving platforms to form a bridge. Behind the middle platform on the left side and behind the middle platform on the right side are two secret alcoves that can be accessed by opening the walls just above the toxic waste.

Secret 7: Crack above the toxic waste area

After crossing the room filled with toxic waste, ride the elevator up to the walkway that leads to the door out of this room. Just before the door, there is a crack in the left-hand wall. Blast through the crack to find a Jetpack inside.

Secret 8: Race for the RPG

After walking through the door to the room with the Battlelord Sentry at the end of the level, turn left to find a ventilation shaft in the corner. Entering this ventilation shaft activates a timer. Inside the ventilation shaft, exit through the first opening on the left. In the wall to the left of the doorway directly ahead, a compartment containing an RPG has temporarily opened in the wall. There are two ways to reach it:

  1. Fly into the compartment using the Jetpack.
  2. First obtain Secret 7, and then, physically jump into the hole created by Secret 7. Inside this hole, there is a second door to the secret compartment with the RPG. However, this door is set on the same timer as the other door. Without the Jetpack, it is possible to reach this door before the timer expires.


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Duke Nukem 3D 100% Walkthrough- Tiberius Station (E2L6) -All Secrets-


Immediately proceed to the hallway with the overhead bridge. Either use the Jetpack from a previous level or jump off of an enemy's head in order to reach the ventilation shaft high on the wall. Upon entering the ventilation shaft, proceed towards the right. This skips directly to the end of the level.



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