Tiberius Station is the sixth level of Lunar Apocalypse in Duke Nukem 3D.

Summary Edit

Finally on the moon. Not sure how though after the experience at Occupied Territory! The station is covered with radioactive slime and lots of enforcers. A pretty straightforward level that goes by pretty quickly.

Secrets Edit

  1. At the entrance, enter the supplies room. Open the back wall to reveal a first aid kit.
  2. At the start of main corridor, look at the right wall for a small crack. Blast it open.
  3. In the main corridor, there's slight alcove in east wall, next to the door revealing the devastator.
  4. Under blue key room, walk into the wall opposite of the water fountain. You can get pipe bombs, and can shoot out of the windows - and not be seen by other players.
  5. In the slime room, open the secret door in the right-hand alcove containing atomic health. This is initially blocked by a bridge segment.
  6. In the slime room, open the secret door in the left-hand alcove containing RPG ammo. This is initially blocked by a bridge segment.
  7. Slime room, look for crack on wall near main corridor to reveal backpack.
  8. From exit room, enter vent on the left corner, and head to the first vent you see. This reveals an RPG between the main corridor and slime room, but you need a jetpack or second player to reach it before it closes.

While not counted as secrets, the following information is helpful:

  • In the blue key room, a switch opens a door to a blinking red room. Collect the devastator here, as well as an atomic health.
  • The armory contains a shrinker.
  • At the end of the main corridor, blast the explosive canisters to reveal an RPG launcher.

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Easter eggs Edit

  • AHB can be found in the map.

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