The War Is The Life (abbreviated TWITL) is a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D. According to the mod's website, it had a new story, weapons, enemies, graphics, and music composed by Kenneth Finegan (the creator of the TC).

Development Edit

The War Is The Life was in development as early as May 31st, 1999, according to the text file included with Kenneth Finegan's Mob Weapons Patch mod. The War Is The Life website said that progress on the mod was around 50% complete as of August 27th, 2000 and that the custom weapons (including a silenced AR-15) were nearly complete, the enemy AI was being altered, the levels were being worked on, the soundtrack was recorded, and Kenneth Finegan was using EDuke for the mod. On September 23rd, 2000, screenshots were added and the music list was changed slightly. The mod's last update said that the menu graphics, soundtrack, storyline, and weapons were complete, the enemies needed more modifications, and that extra level designers were being accepted to work on it. The last update for The War Is The Life was on November 8th, 2000. It is unknown if the mod was ever completed.

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