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This page refers to the level from the singleplayer campaign. For the multiplayer map, see Hive.

The Hive is the eighth chapter of Duke Nukem Forever. It has two parts.


The Hive is an alien structure located beneath the Duke Dome. Inside, the Alien Queen watches over a cache of captive women, who are being impregnating by the aliens. The Hive is mostly comprised of organic, alien structures. The only enemies are Octabrains, Pregnators, Octababies, and a lone Assault Captain that kidnapped the Holsom twins. The EDF sent an team into the Hive prior to Duke, but they all appear to have perished.

Death of the Holsom twins

Near the end of the level, Duke encounters the Holsom twins, who have been captured and impregnated by the aliens. The twins tell Duke of their plight. As a comical reference to the unexplained fact that Duke never freed any of the captive women in Duke Nukem 3D, Duke responds by telling the twins, "Looks like you're... F***ed." The twins then give birth to baby Octabrains, exploding violently in the process. Duke immediately vows vengeance on the Alien Queen.

Despite the joke, Duke was, in fact, emotionally affected by the twins' deaths. This is later revealed in The Doctor Who Cloned Me, in a conversation with Dylan.

Organic objects

The Hive is notable for introducing alien props and scenery.


  • The organic lights can be destroyed by the player, however they are often the only lightsource in the dark, gloomy caves of the Hive. On the other hand, they can be thrown at the player by octabrains, so it might be wise to destroy them before encountering those enemies as they can be dangerous.


  • The doors are reminiscent of gastrovascular cavities, some of them are also toothed. In order to open the toothed doors, the player must take the bugball near them, so it can be grasped by a tentacle. It seems those doors are feeding on the bugballs.


  • They're harmless creatures that wander through the Hive and emit neat, violet light. They look like giant ladybirds. When scared, usually by the player's attacks or even presence, they just roll into a ball that can be kicked around by the player. They are apparently prone to any damage, dealt either by the player or by the enemies. However, their only purpose of presence in the Hive seems to be fodder of the alien structures. Gamewise, they present the puzzle aspect of this chapter.

Bouncing pads

  • They slowly open when encountered by the player. When walking on them, Duke will be shot in the air and land in places otherwise unreachable. Even though they are fairly rare in Single Player, they are present in almost every Multiplayer map, serving as an important factor during the battle.

Gas bubbles

  • They are usually easy to spot and blow with just one shot, however when touched by the player, they will deal significant damage. Additionally they are sometimes placed as traps, for example in bouncing pads' landing zones.

Ego boosts

There is one new ego boost on this level that cannot be found on any previous level:

  1. Wall boobs: Slap any of the wall boobs in the Hive. (+1 Ego)


There is one helmet on this level. It cannot be worn, but it is one of three helmets that must be found throughout the game in order to unlock the "Bucket Head" achievement:

  1. Isaac Clarke: After passing through the second door on this level, take a sharp left turn to find the helmet of Isaac Clarke from Dead Space.


Part 1

Part 2

Easter eggs

  • When finding the Dead Space helmet, Duke will comment, "That's one dead space marine." This is also a reference to a similar comment he made in DN3D when finding a dead marine in Doom gear: "That's one DOOMED space marine."
  • The entire Hive level is an Aliens reference.
  • The sphincter doors which Duke tickles open and purple spheres used to open some of them are a reference to Prey.
  • During the scene in which the Holsom twins die, the twin on the left is shown wearing sunglasses for a brief moment after dying.
  • After the battle against the Alien Queen, while passing out, you can hear an allied soldier shouting his name ("Duke! DUUUUUKE!"). This could be a reference to the "Game Over" screen of Metal Gear Solid.


  • Duke's reply to the Holsom Twins on this level is a comical reference to the unexplained fact that Duke never freed any of the captive women in Duke Nukem 3D. In The Doctor Who Cloned Me, it's revealed in a conversation with Dylan that Duke was, in fact, emotionally affected by the twins' deaths.
  • The player can unlock a bugball plaque in My Digs after reaching level 41. It is the only non-enemy creature that the player can claim as a trophy.


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