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This page refers to the chapter from the Duke Nukem Forever singleplayer campaign. For other uses, see Duke Burger (disambiguation).

The Duke Burger is the twelfth chapter of Duke Nukem Forever. It has three parts.


After hijacking an Assault Captain's jetpack, Duke crashes into a Duke Burger. Duke is shrunk and fights his way through most of the level while tiny. The level ends with a shootout on the roof of the building.

Ego boosts

There are two new ego boosts on this level that cannot be found on any previous level:

  1. Cigar: Smoke a cigar. (+1 Ego)
  2. Naughty magazine: Pick up the naughty magazine off the floor of the bathroom stall. (+1 Ego)


There is one voicemail on this level. It is one of 14 voicemails that must be collected throughout the game in order to unlock the "Call Waiting" achievement:

  1. Inside the gift shop at the start of the level, beside the cash register


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Easter eggs

  • The music of Duke Burger from Duke Nukem 3D will play, unsurprisingly, in The Duke Burger level.
  • The arcade machines and pinball machines in the Duke Burger have part of the Duke Nukem 3D cover art on them.
  • Tommy's wrench (from Prey) can be found inside of the drywall near the start of the level. This is viewable when shrunk.
  • Near the end of the Duke Burger level, when encountering a barred door, Duke would say "A crowbar would come in handy", a reference to Half-Life protagonist Gordon Freeman and his iconic weapon.
  • On the Display of the Cash register is the sum "$847.63" written, like in The Simpsons intro when Maggie is checked.
  • Sometimes, when you stomp on a shrunken pig cop, Duke says "It's better than Freckle Bitches!", which is a reference to Saints Row.
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