The Doctor is in is the 7th level in The Doctor Who Cloned Me .


  1. Swim through the tunnel, and make your way through the surface. Get out of the toilet, and meet Dylan . Follow him, and he will shrink. Go to your right, and drop down. Use the glowing object on the floor to get back to normal size.
  2. Grab Dylan, and throw him into the vent. Go through the doors, and Dr. Proton will talk. Avoid the flying balls, and try to destroy them. There will be ammo on each side of the room.
  3. After, the doctor will enter on a mechanical spider. Keep shooting it, and take cover. When he’s charging, use the switches to release bombs. Dodge his attacks and lasers. When he’s down, walk over and finish him. Rip Dr. Protons head off.
  4. The doctor is now dead, so look at the monitor. Listen to the General , and find out the aliens have regrouped. Head back and find Dylan.
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