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The Clone Carousel is the fourth chapter of The Doctor Who Cloned Me.

Ego boosts

There is one new ego boost on this level that cannot be found on any previous level:

  1. Magazine: Find the magazine at the top of the stairs. (+1 Ego)


  1. Enter the large room, and head to the left. There should be a ‘Shrink Ray’ on the floor. There is also a turret near there. Directly ahead, there is another monitor. Listen to Dr. Proton talk.
  2. If you haven’t figured it out already, the robots will activate. Use the turret to easily kill each of the robots. Watch for each one to enter the room, and be sure to avoid overheating the turret.
  3. There will be an explosion to the right, and aliens will enter. Kill all of the enemies. Shrink large enemies to kill them easier.
  4. After everything is clear, proceed. Move up the stairs, and read the magazine for an ego boost.
  5. Move through the doors until you reach a checkpoint.
  6. Go straight forward, and talk to the guy stuck in the door. Force open the doors, and find the elevator. When it reaches the bottom, go into the room with dead bodies in it. Activate the controls on the desk.
  7. Break the cracked window in that room, and use the carousel to move across the main room. Ride it to the top, and jump off onto the walkway. Enter the next room, and smash the cracked window.
  8. Activate the controls, and jump on the second carousel. Jump to the middle, and avoid machines. Move through, and jump onto the third carousel. When high enough, jump to the top of the previous one, then to the walkway behind the door.
  9. Press the door controls to release the guy from the beginning. Except, you fail. He gets crushed. Cut your losses, and move on. Go through the door and discover that Dr. Proton is creating clones of you.
  10. Activate the controls, and open one of the pods. Defeat yourself by mashing the on-screen button. Get in the pod, and enjoy the ride.
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