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The Clarifier is the 21st chapter of Duke Nukem Forever. It has two parts.


Duke fights through maintenance offices and storage rooms inside the Hoover Dam. He rescues Dylan from a room with an electrified floor.


There are three voicemails on this level. These are three of the 14 voicemails that must be collected throughout the game in order to unlock the "Call Waiting" achievement:

  1. On the desk beside the doorway barricaded with boxes near the beginning of the level
  2. Inside the room with the moving scaffolding near the beginning of the level, on the desk inside the enclosed office
    • First, climb the moving ladder.
    • Then, drop into the office through a hole in the ceiling.
  3. At the top of the back stairwell in the area where Dylan is trapped


Part 1

Part 2

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