The Burning Bush is a Brothel that serves as a front for the highly classified underground EDF base that houses the teleporter to the moon.

The brothel is owned by the undercover EDF operative Dr. Valencia.

The Level starts out with Duke and Captain Dylan dropping off General Graves for an EDF pick up and Graves tells Duke and Dylan to head to the Burning Bush Brothel and ask for Dr. Valencia to get them to the underground EDF base. Duke and Dylan drive the damaged Triptych School bus up to the brothel, Duke goes inside to see Dr. Valencia while Dylan wants to visit his old girlfriend Sally. Upon meeting Dr. Valencia, she assumes that Duke may just be another Dukeinator trying to get to the base, but humorous quotes from Duke make her believe that he is the real Duke. Valencia agrees to show Duke to the base if he does some "chores" first which involve: Finding some fuel and refueling the generator, knocking some disrespectful customers out and exterminating the rats in the basement.

After completing Dr. Valencia's chores she grants Duke and Dylan access to the base.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Behind the Burning Bush is a Donkey which is a reference to the 2001 Duke Nukem Forever trailer which showed Duke Nukem riding Gus's donkey. The Donkey is a simple static .obj since it has no animations nor does it react when Duke attacks it.
  • There is only 1 enemy in this level which is the one Pigcop which shrinks Duke in the basement.
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