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The Backdoor is the fifth level in Duke: Nuclear Winter.


This level appears to be an underground facility; the exact purpose of it is unknown (there is a sign "Hydro fusion sub station" above you); Duke must make his way through the facility to get to Christmas Village . This level mostly consists of going through a network of underground tunnels and sewers with the odd underwater combat with Octabrains. Apart from the occasional Christmas tree this level doesn't really have anything to reflect the Christmas atmosphere and there isn't really anything notable in the level.

Easter Eggs[]

There is a drunken elve on the island described in Secret 4.


Secret 1[]

The first secret is right at the start. If you fall off the side of the cliff on the left (when you're facing the entry way) you will fall on a small cliff. Contains: Scuba Gear

Secret 2[]

This secret is right by the first one, once you go down the hallway at the start, blow up the trip mines, go past the hole, and head down the section to the right side. Contains: RPG, Atomic Health

Secret 3[]

This secret is easy to get if you have the Jetpack. A little harder to get without, but still doable. In the area where you fall from the ceiling you will notice two pillars next to a steel structure. If you use the Jetpack and fly up the structure you will find the secret. However, without the Jetpack you need to use the button that is hooked on the side of the nearby computer system. Push the button to raise one of the pillars, jump to the lower pillar from the raised portion of the wall, then jump from the lower pillar to the steel structure, then to the higher pillar and back to the steel structure. Contains: Atomic Health

Secret 4[]

As you continue through the level you will reach an area with a small staircase on the left with a Christmas tree at the top. If you head all the way down the hall and turn right behind the pillar you will find the "druken elf" and the fourth secret. Contains: Portable Medkit

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