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What dark, sinister new base have the aliens constructed in this sunny paradise? What evil now lurks beneath the calm waves of this tranquil eden? Let's just say it's so mind numbingly awful you'll have to find out for yourself.

- Instruction Manual

The Alien Remains is the seventh level of the Duke Nukem 3D add-on pack Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach.


Secret 1[]

In order to access this area you will need to blow open the wall across from the red/blue door with the two sewer pipes coming down. From here you can jump into the left pipe. When you surface in the big cavern you'll see a switch on one of the rock pillars. Flip the switch to open the big door on the other side of the cavern. Use the rock formations to jump across and claim secret #1. Contains: Pearl Health, Coconut Launcher, 2 x Water Pistol ammo

Secret 2[]

This secret is right before the multiple switches (with the shapes). Find the door that's open just a little bit... you'll see a button on the floor next to it. Hit the button to activate a nearby shrink device. Shrink yourself to get under the door. Contains: 2 x Small Banana, Bunch of Bananas, 2 x Coconut Launcher ammo

Secret 3[]

Right before the fast moving escalator (in the basement section), you'll find some green boxes. Jump into the one on the left to find a button, then climb the ones on the right to hit another button. You will notice some more boxes on the left side go down and reveal secret #3. Contains: Sandals, 2 x Voodoo Ring ammo

Secret 4-5[]

Right before the boss door turn around and use the panel on the wall facing it. You'll uncover a secret with a Coconut Launcher, use the back wall again, to uncover the fifth and final secret! Contains: Coconut Launcher

Achievements (Megaton Edition only)[]


Limbo Time! : Completing the level on any difficulty will yield this achievement.


  • The level's background music is the only one of the five remaining tracks in the expansion pack that doesn't have any tropical influence.
  • When you reach the underwater outside the alien base, you will hear the title theme when you go on ledges above the surface.


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