Terrorist Terror is a total conversion for Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition. It was created by the CMV Team and Acidic Productions and released on May 16th, 1998. Terrorist Terror features new levels, new graphics such as a new sprite for the player's character (Steven "Steve" Forest), new weapons, new voice-overs, new enemies, a new item, a new boss, and a new ending. Terrorist Terror 2: Nuclear Threat was planned and was going to include a new episode, two new enemies, and new weapons, though it was eventually cancelled.

Story Edit

Agent Steven "Steve" Forest has been tasked with eliminating a terrorist threat.

Weapons Edit

  • Mighty Foot
  • LP-96 9mm Pistol (uses a new sprite)
  • Wooden Shotgun (uses a new sprite, replacement for Shotgun)
  • Machine Gun (uses a new sprite, replacement for Chaingun Cannon)
  • Super RPG Launcher (replacement for RPG)
  • Super Pipebomb (replacement for Pipe Bomb)
  • Neural-Eraser (uses a modified Microwave Expander sprite, replacement for Shrinker)
  • Tornado Gun (replacement for Microwave Expander)
  • Wall Mine (uses a modified Laser Tripbomb sprite, replacement for Laser Tripbomb)
  • Despatcher (uses a new sprite, replacement for Freezethrower)

Episodes & Difficulty Levels Edit

Terrorist Terror features 11 levels.

Episode 2: TT Show-Off Edit

  • Face.. Err Show/Off

Episode 3: Terrorist Terror Edit

  • Rainforest
  • Ancient Village
  • Mansion
  • Full Speed Ahead!
  • Station Shootout
  • London
  • Terrorist Transfer
  • Volcano Base
  • The Boss

The following level is accessible in the "user map" section:


Difficulty Levels Edit

  • Baby Dingo (replacement for Piece Of Cake)
  • Now We're Talkin'! (replacement for Let's Rock)
  • Getting Harder Mate (replacement for Come Get Some)
  • Odds Are 100K To 1 (replacement for Damn I'm Good)

Bugs Edit

  • Choosing to "use" the nuclear warhead item will crash the mod.
  • The "" level will crash the mod upon selecting it.

Credits Edit

Terrorist Terror (c) CMV Team 1998. Produced by Acidic Productions.

CMV Team coordinators: Reptile, Mike Channell (a.k.a. Mike C)

Level consultant: Paul Johnson

Level designers: Michael Channell, Adrian Cogswell, Eagle Eye, ~KiRK, RacerX, Reptile

3D modelers: Reptile, Wiket

Art gathering: ~KiRK

Artists: Ryan Conner (a.k.a. Heyyo), Eagle Eye, Wiket

Cut-scenes: Reptile

Theme pack: Reptile, ShadowPaw

Voice of Steven Forest: James Port

CON hacking: Michael Channell, Minion

Webmaster: Reptile

Special thanks: ShadowPaw, El Yoda, 3DRealms, [Puffy], BuildHlp.EXE, Maker of Anim2PCX, Maker of Anma, Medemareas, CADVision, qME, iD Software for the awesome MDL format, people who have supported us

Copyright (c) 1998 Acidic Productions

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