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The Tentacle is a new enemy in Duke Nukem Forever.


Tentacles are usually encountered in alien infested levels and areas accompanied by an invincible alien eye that acts as its sight. They are a long brown organic tentacle that have a sharp craw at the end that will attack Duke when he's near it. It cannot move from its location nor can it be killed. Duke can shoot it and it will neutralize it temporaily before emerging again to attack Duke. However targetting the eye itself will temporarily neutralize all the tentacles linked to it which saves ammunition too.

They are the only enemies in the game that are invincible but can be disabled temporarily by Dukes weapons. Tentacles are generally found in groups.

Combat Analysis

Neither the tentacles or the large eye accompanying them can be killed.Tentactles moreless deal large amounts of damage to the player in melee if they get too close. The eye accompanying them cannot do any damage to the player but it enables the tentacles to see and attack the player. The only real choice the player has when dealing with the tentacles is to either run past them, avoid them or disable them temporarily to make a safe passage. Any tentacle the player fires at will cause it to recede into the wall and be taken out of action briefly. However there's a better way if the player shoots the eye all the tentacles linked to it will be disabled temporarily which will save the player the trouble of dealing with each tentacle indivually as tentacles are generally found in groups.

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