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The Tentacle is an enemy in Duke Nukem Forever. It emerges from a pod, which is permanently mounted on a wall or other surface. The Tentacle is usually connected to a network of other nearby Tentacles, all sharing a common eyeball that acts as a kind of motion sensor.


Tentacles are usually encountered in alien-infested areas. They consist of a long, brown, organic tentacle with a sharp claw on the end. Tentacles are generally found in groups, all sharing a common alien eyeball somewhere nearby.

Combat Analysis[]

Although occasionally seen probing outside their pods from a distance, the Tentacle is normally hidden within its pod, which is permanently fixed to a surface and cannot move. When approached, the Tentacle will emerge from its pod and attack the player. If shot, it will recede into its pod for a short period of time and will allow the player to pass safely, but it cannot be killed.

Shooting the nearby alien eyeball will temporarily neutralize all the Tentacles linked in the vicinity. This is arguably the best strategy for handling the Tentacles, since this consumes less ammunition than shooting each Tentacle individually.


  • In the game's internal data, the Tentacle is actually stored as a "decoration" rather than an enemy.
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