The Tazer is a weapon in LameDuke. Like all the other weapons, the player starts out with it.


The Tazer is a melee weapon, is unique in that it can use the Plasma Cannon’s ammo to do more damage. If the player has Plasma Cannon ammo, Duke will attack enemies by electrocuting them with the Tazer. However, if there is no Plasma Cannon ammo, Duke will swing the Tazer at the enemy, which does a lot less damage.

Tips and TricksEdit

The Tazer with Plasma Cannon ammo is useless, as the Plasma Cannon is much more powerful than the Tazer with Plasma Cannon ammo.

A tazer with no Plasma Cannon ammo is also worthless, as there is far more than enough ammo to kill everything in a level. The Pipebomb alone is more than enough, as the player starts each level with 699 pipebombs.


The Tazer was most likely replaced with the Mighty Foot, as they are both the only melee weapons in LameDuke and Duke Nukem 3D, respectively.

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