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Sunk City is the fourth level (as of v4.0 onwards) of the "New Invasion" episode of Alien Armageddon.


Reunited once again, Duke Nukem and Bombshell must traverse the deepest depths of the sunken city in order to continue their mission. Good thing there are so many air bubbles around! Surely there must be a Scuba Gear sitting around somewhere? Hope our heroes have a hankering for sushi, because there are bound to be Octabrains aplenty!


Secret 1: Breathe Easy[]

Deep into the level (no pun intended), you will eventually come across a restaurant with a giant sign out front labelled "Uncle Morris' Family Feedbag". Facing the doorway to said location, look to your left to spot the remains of a separate building with a hole that you can swim up. Do so to emerge into a secret hideaway with an Atomic Health, a pile of Coins, and a Scuba Gear (at last!)