Steroids are an item in Duke Nukem Forever.



Bottle of steroids in The Lady Killer: Part 2.

When used, Steroids place Duke's Ego at 75% of maximum, and increase his melee strength to 128, at the cost of restricting Duke to melee combat while under their effects. This makes the user very effective in melee combat, as they can quickly run up to an enemy and easily beat them to death (gibs) with their melee attack. Like in Duke Nukem 3D, they can be picked up and used whenever the player wants to.

They are labeled "Nukem RX". Additionally, there are a few posters throughout the game advertising them, accompanied by a picture of Duke from Land of the Babes and the slogan "Pump or die, baby!"

Steroids are usable in both single and multiplayer modes. There are multiple Achievements/Trophies involved with using Steroids, including "Substance Abuser", where the player has to take Steroids and Beer at the same time.

The steroids in DNF act more like the Berserker from Doom, with more melee damage and only melee.


  • In DNF, the steroids only increase melee strength. In DN3D, they increase speed, melee strength and make the player immune to shrink rays.
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