The Steroids (Vitamin X in the N64 port) are an inventory item in Duke Nukem 3D and its ports.

Description Edit

The Steroids will double a player's speed, and multiply the damage dealt by the Mighty Boot and Quick Kick by 4. They will also instantly restore a shrunken player's original size, and render the player immune to shrinking while under the effect of the Steroids.

The effect of Steroids cannot be deactivated once activated. They will drain completely.

If a player picks up a new bottle of Steroids while they are draining their currently held bottle, the effect of the Steroids being used will immediately disappear and the new Steroids will be added to the inventory (as unused).


Steroids appear in ‘’LameDuke’’, where they surprisingly use the same sprite as the one in the final game. They cannot be used, even though the player can pick them up.

Trivia Edit

  • With the exception of the Protective Boots on purple radioactive waste, the Steroids are the fastest-draining inventory item. They are also the only inventory item that can be activated manually but not stopped.
    • The Portable Medkit's effect doesn't run for any length of time, being instantaneous, so it doesn't count here.
  • The Steroids are the only inventory item to have multiple unrelated effects. The user's speed increases, their kicking damage is increased dramatically, and they become immune to shrinking effects.
    • For the precise, the ratio at which the kicking damage increases is unrelated, compared to the speed boost, but the fact that kicks deal more damage actually is related to the speed boost as they both are a rely on Duke's leg strength.
  • While under Steroids Duke moves so fast that while in Run Mode he can even outrun rockets, even those shot from his own weapons. Note that it also applies when such rockets are fired while running in the same direction they are being fired. This behaviour, though, will cause the rockets to blow up in your face right after being fired, actually self inflicting damage having yourself running toward them.
    • This happens because the built in physics of Build doesn't support inertia and relative speed by default, hence it doesn't add your speed to that of the fired rockets or any projectile, pipe bombs included, for that matter.

The Steroids in other games Edit

  • In Duke Caribbean: Life's a Beach, the Steroids are renamed Hot Sauce.
  • In Duke Nukem 64, the Steroids are renamed Vitamin X and given a minor change to their sprite (a large black "X" is drawn on the label). This is just one of a number of examples of censorship in the game, all removing foul language or references to drugs and sex.
  • In Duke Nukem Forever, steroids come back and appear to make Duke use his fists rather than a weapon.

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