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The Spiderlord is the first boss Duke will encounter in Duke Nukem Advance. Duke will encounter him in Episode 1 level 3.


Spiderlord is a large orange "spideresque" alien. It has two eyes and it's also armed with a backmounted dual rapid fire missile launchers. The creature appears to be a relative of Alien Crabs. It could be speculated that Alienlord is either their leader, or a specially bred enforcer. After defeating this enemy, Duke Nukem himself describes this enemy as an "Overgrown Spider".

Combat Analysis[]

The player will fight this boss in a circular room. The boss will be running around an outer ring while the player is in the centre; he is a very fast moving opponent. As he runs round the outer ring he will often turn to the player and fire his missile launcher; the boss is so fast he can almost immediately move off again after firing which also makes him quite difficult to hit. The tactics for beating the boss moreless involve dodging his missiles and hitting him whenever the opportunity is available. It's only really a good idea to use the RPG when the boss is about to fire as he can easily dodge missiles on the move as the RPG's rockets generally don't have the speed to catch a fast opponent. Weapons such as the Shotgun are a good option when the boss is moving. His missile launcher has a good rate of fire but luckily the missiles he has only do 10 damage per hit.


  • His back mounted missile launcher resembles the Overlord's from Duke Nukem 3D.
  • The conversation between Duke Nukem and the Spiderlord varies in different versions of Duke Nukem Advance.
  • During conversation, Spiderlord has "normal" green eyes, while his in-game sprite sports red eyes.

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