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Spaceport is the first level of Lunar Apocalypse in Duke Nukem 3D.


Secret 1: Compartment with RPG ammo

Upon starting the level, go forwards and turn right, then left, and then left again. Approaching the security monitor will trigger a secret compartment to open in the wall directly across from it. The compartment automatically closes after a few seconds, but jumping into the compartment before it closes will yield RPG ammo.

Secret 2: Behind the control panel

After flipping the switch to deactivate the forcefield at the beginning of the level, open the second panel to the right of the switch. Inside is a secret compartment with an Assault Trooper and Atomic Health.

Secret 3: Pipe Bombs in the ventilation shaft

There are two ways to reach this secret:

  1. After deactivating the forcefield at the beginning of the level and opening the door at the bottom of the walkway, jump through the "Authorized Personnel" sign on the opposite wall.
  2. In the room with the Blue Access Card, enter the ventilation shaft in the back wall. Climb up the shaft to a secret compartment with Pipe Bombs.

Secret 4: Devastator

Above the pool of water with the Red Access Card, use the Jetpack to fly to the top of the column above. At the very top, there is a secret room with an Enforcer and the first Devastator of the game.

Secret 5: Compartment with Chaingun Cannon ammo

Go to the top of the elevator that is normally unlocked with the Blue Access Card. In the the room at the top of the elevator, use the Jetpack to fly to the top of this room, where a ledge with an Atomic Health can be found. Standing on this ledge will activate a timer. Immediately drop down the shaft in the center of the room. In the lower room, emerge from the water and go to the corner between the elevator and the door to the storage room. A section of the wall in this corner will be temporarily opened, revealing a secret compartment with Chaingun Cannon ammo inside.

Secret 6: Shrinker

In the hallway at the very end of the level, a section of the floor just before the Red Access Card panel is lighter than its surroundings. Standing on this section of the floor and pressing the "use"/"open" key will trigger this part of the floor to descend like an elevator. The first Shrinker of the game can be found in the secret room at the bottom of the elevator.


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Easter eggs

  • At the beginning of the level, using the no-clip cheat ("dnclip") to go out the window and to view the opposite side of Duke's ship will reveal the words "U.S.S. Framerate" printed on the side. It is known from the 20th anniversary developer commentary that many features of the game's levels were stripped due to frame rate issues on the computer hardware available in the 90s, and this was a constant source of frustration for the developers. This Easter egg is presumably an inside joke among the developers, gesturing at a change that was made in response to concerns about the frame rate.


  • On this level but no other level of the game, using the "dnclip" cheat code to walk into outer space will instantly kill the player. This is likely a leftover effect from when the developers were planning to include the Space Suit in the game, but this approach was ultimately scrapped.


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