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Source ports are versions of a game that have been modified to allow it to run on a different platform. For Duke Nukem 3D, various source ports are available to make the game compatible with modern operating systems, most commonly Windows.

Source ports of Duke Nukem 3D cannot run without the files from either the shareware version, which can be downloaded for free, or one of the full versions of the game.

Ports for general use[]

Multiplayer-specific ports[]

  • NetDuke32 – a fork of an older version of EDuke32 with the sole purpose of supporting multiplayer.
  • rDuke – a fork of xDuke with an emphasis on multiplayer functionality. It gets its name from the first initial of its author, Radar.

Historical ports[]

  • Fusion - Fusion is a 32bit OpenGL port of Duke Nukem 3D with a focus on peer to peer network stability and ease of use. Last updated in April 15, 2020.
  • Duke3dw – a fork by Ben "ProASM" Smit based on JFDuke3D. Latest is 4.4.0 from September 15. 2018.
  • icculus.org/duke3d – a port for BeOS, FreeBSD, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, Windows, and other operating systems. This port was built from the original Duke Nukem 3D source code.
  • Duke3d_w32 – a Windows 32-bit port by David "Rancidmeat" Koenig, based on the Icculus port. Latest version is Build 20.3 from July 23, 2006.
  • xDuke – a Windows port based on Duke3d_w32, also known as Rancidmeat Reloaded. This port was often used to play online games.
  • Chocolate Duke3D – a port for Windows, Linux, and MacOS X based on xDuke. This port was meant to preserve and document the Duke Nukem 3D source code for educational purposes. Latest commit is from March 9, 2019.
  • hDuke – a multiplayer port for Windows. This port's development was poorly documented. In 2020, hDuke was temporarily renamed HYANG and later YANG2020. This was likely a play on words, referencing the fact that YANG, a long-established multiplayer launcher for Duke Nukem 3D, shared its name with the Andrew Yang 2020 presidential campaign.
  • nDuke – a Windows port developed by Sérgio Luis Bertó based on xDuke 19.7.1. It features advanced capabilities for online play.
  • lDuke - Lemo's Duke3D, an OpenGL engine reconstruction whose site was last updated on December 27, 2003.
  • OpenDuke - an early attempt to clone Duke Nukem 3D predating the release of the game code.
  • GLDuke - similar attempt to OpenGL by Jean-Philip Desjardins. Previously WinEDuke.

Non-PC ports[]

Comparison of ports[]

EDuke32 Rednukem DukeGDX Raze Megaton World Tour
Classic, Polymost, Polymer
Classic, Polymost, PolyGDX
Custom Raze3D renderer
Classic, proprietary 3D renderer
Palette emulation
Yes, with optional shade interpolation
Yes, with optional shade interpolation
Texture only
MIDI playback
System MIDI, OPL3 emulator, FluidSynth
Gervill, System MIDI
System MIDI, FluidSynth
Uses bundled recordings instead
Controller support
Demo playback
Support for World Tour episode
With stopgap
Forked from
EDuke, JFDuke3D
Atomic v1.5, EDuke32
JFDuke3D, DukeGDX, GZDoom
Atomic v1.5
Additional features
Expanded CON language
Duke Nukem 64 support
Official expansions integrated into episode select-screen; bundled widescreen sprites
Bundled widescreen sprites
Bundled widescreen sprites; dynamic lighting and normal textures
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