Source Ports are versions of a game that have been modified to allow it to run on a different platform. For Duke Nukem 3D, various source ports are available to make the game compatible with modern operating systems, most commonly Windows.

  • EDuke32 – EDuke32, a port for Windows/Linux/x86_64/Mac OS X. Most actively updated and advanced port. EDuke32 is a branch of EDuke begun by TerminX in late 2004. It is based on EDuke 2.0 and the JFDuke3D port.
  • Chocolate Duke3D – Chocolate Duke3D, a port for Windows/Linux/MacOS X based on xDuke. Aims to preserve and document the source code for education.
  • JFDuke3D – JFDuke3D, by JonoF. Ported for Windows/Linux/and others. Based on original vanilla source with help from Ken Silverman.
  • Rednukem – Rednukem, a Duke Nukem 3D and Redneck Rampage port for Windows/Linux/and others based on EDuke32.
  • DukeGDX, by M210. Ported using libGDX for the Java runtime environment. Part of the larger BuildGDX framework.
  • Duke3d_w32 – Rancidmeat port for Windows. Based off the Icculus' port.
  • nDuke - nDuke , a port for Windows based in xDuke 19.7.1 features newschool functions for online play.
  • hDuke - hDuke , a port for Windows based in xDuke 19.7.1 has better functions for online play.
  • xDuke – xDuke, a port for Windows. Based off Rancidmeat's Duke3d_w32. Commonly used to play online games.
  • – Icculus' port for BeOS/FreeBSD/Linux/Mac OS X/Solaris/Windows/Other. Based from original vanilla source.
  • PDukeFree Project - PDukeFree Project, a port for Windows.

Notice: You must have the files for either the shareware version or the full version of Duke Nukem 3D to use source ports. The shareware demo can be downloaded for free. The full retail version must be purchased.

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