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The Snowman is an enemy in the Duke Nukem 3D expansion pack Duke: Nuclear Winter.

It is first encountered in Deja Vu


It has the appearance of an ordinary snowman and chances are when the player first encounters it they might think it was just level scenery to fit the Christmas theme till it starts attacking. Though only being able to take slightly more punishment than the Assault Captain it's still quite a formidable opponent due to its ability to throw snowballs at the player in quick succession. These snowmen look quite similar to the Good Snowman that's seen in the introduction of the game; except the Good Snowman telling the story lacks the buttons. In the Nuclear Winter expansion this enemy is only ever encountered outside.

Combat Analysis[]

Weapon effectivenesses
Mighty Foot
6 kicks
11 shots
1 shot
Chaingun Cannon
8 shots
1 rocket
Pipe Bomb
1 bomb
1 blast
5 shots
3 rockets
Laser Tripbomb
1 mine
4 shots
  • The values given for the Shotgun and the explosive weapons are minimum values only.

Though the Snowman doesn't take much punishment as one shot from the shotgun is enough to kill it the snowballs it hurls at Duke Nukem can do 10 damage if it's a direct hit and it fires them quite quickly as well which can certainly take a lot of health from the player if they don't act fast. The snowballs also fall apart once they hit anything and if Duke doesn't get hit directly by the snowball and it hits anything near him the smaller fragments of it might still do some damage to the player. The Snowman is a stationary enemy and never moves from its location; it should also be noted that it will not fire at the player if they are a certain distance away which means it's range is somewhat limited. The Snowman appears to have more health than the Assault Captain and less than the Pig Cop and Enforcer. Due to being stationary the snowman can be likened to the turret.


  • If the player shrinks the Snowman and steps on it a pool of blood will be left behind which is odd as the snowman isn't supposed to have blood at all; this is most likely because the default coding of anything Duke steps on will always leave a pool of blood.
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