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The Snatched Humans are a scrapped Duke Nukem Forever enemy type.


The Snatched People were the result of a Snatcher "snatching" a person,the corpse of a dead human (Unused Snatcher behaviour in the leak indicates that they would have had the ability to possess corpses.) or animals. Snatched EDF soldiers were the most common kind shown, but a few Snatched civillians can be found in the leak and in the 2001 E3 Trailer. Snatched EDF K-9 can also be found in the leak, and a log file detailing deleted meshes indicates that there also would have been Snatched Coyotes.

While Snatched civillians could only perform a single attack, Snatched EDF Grunts had the ability to wield weapons, shields (If they were wielding a shield they could only wield a pistol) and had the same tentacle attack as the Snatched civillians.


The "Snatcher" idea begun to wayne around 2005, when the Snatcher concept was scrapped. Like the Army Ants from the 1998 Iteration of the game, the idea of people mutating into monsters was kept until the final game, with the EDF mutating into Pig Cops.


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